Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to Get Rid of Zits Fast - 3 Natural Help Tips on Getting Rid of Zits

One reason why so many people are suffering from Zits (acne) is that many people don't drink enough water. It sounds quite obvious I know, but most people especially teenagers just do not drink ample amounts of good fresh water.If you are serious about getting rid of Zits fast you should drink at least eight glasses of water daily. There are two main reasons for drinking at least this much water. One is for proper exfoliation of your skin . If your skin becomes dehydrated dry skin cells are not effectively exfoliated. This causes your skin pores to become blocked, resulting in more acne.

Secondly if you don't drink enough water to help flush toxins from your body they can build up, soak into your internal organs and be eventually be secreted out your sweat glands, thus irritating your skin. This will work totally against your quest of getting rid of zits.

By including pro-biotic and pre-biotic food products in your daily diet, you will be able to get rid of acne fast. Most people who are searching for ways of getting rid of zits fast think the best bet is to run to the drug store and buy up the most expensive cleansers and ointments they can find. Or get Antibiotic creams or pills. This is about the worst thing you can do if you want a permanent cure for your zits.

Antibiotics do more harm than good; they kill the good bacteria present in your digestive system, along with the bad - thus the name ANTIbiotics. This leads to indigestion and constipation which in turn leads to more acne. As I said before, in this scenario your body is unable to get rid of waste materials present in your body, and the toxins are expelled through your skin instead.

Besides drinking enough water there are two groups of food types you should include in your diet that will greatly increase the chances of getting rid of Zits. Pro biotic food and prebiotic food.

Pro biotic food is food that contains live bacteria, "good" bacteria, called flora, which is considered beneficial and not harmful to humans.

Most pro biotic food is fermented at least partially. A short list of pro biotic food choices includes mi so soup, some soft cheeses, sauerkraut and many pickles, unrefined whole grain breads and cereals,onions and bananas, Dairy or soy yogurt with live culture is the best source.

Prebiotic food. These foods do not generally contain bacteria but appears to help healthy bacteria grow in the intestines. Prebiotic foods include Jerusalem and regular artichokes, asparagus, banana, unrefined barley,unrefined oats, garlic, green beans, leeks, oats, honey, and many fruits.

These are just a few of the foods that will assist you in getting rid of zits fast and for good. We are working on a complete food list and a plan of action that will help you learn how to get rid of zits fast and keep your skin acne free with a natural diet plan. Please check out the links below before you go chasing the latest acne pills or lotions, this stuff will not get rid of your zits for ever. A good natural diet is your only choice.

Lisabeth Bana is an expert in Natural Health and Healing and has help countless other find natural cures for many different health issues: How to get rid of zits I highly recommend you go here. I have posted a lot of help on getting rid of zits and natural acne treatments at the below link. I hope I was and can be of help to you. http://www.squidoo.com/fastacnecure

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Probiotics Research done by University of Reading

A scientists from the University of Reading talks about probiotics and prebiotics and how they can reduce digestive problems. University of Reading is consistently one of the most popular higher education choices in the UK

Fermena is a great prebiotic supplement that I'd recommend to people. It's not in a capsule or pill form but liquid therefore real easy to go down, plus the body doesn't need to break down the pill. Liquid always absorbs faster in the body due to the smaller molecules.


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Prebiotics and Bloating

Dr. Meschino explains about prebiotics, bloating and digestive enzymes:

Fermena is a great prebiotic supplement that will help with the bloating and digestive problems. It's in a liquid form so your body will be able to absorb what it needs faster than pills.

Fermena - Dr Michio Kushi's Miracle Inner Health Prebiotic

Dr. Michio Kushi helped to bring macrobiotics to the United States, he received an Award of Excellence from the United Nations Society of Writers. He recommends Fermena
as apart of a macrobiotic diet.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Power of Probiotics

Fermena is a great probiotic supplement. Fermena Contains over 50 fruits and vegetables fermented over a period of 6 months. Learn about fermena at gima.diamondtreeonline.com

"The Power of Probiotics"
Do you suffer from Irritable bowel Syndrome or Chrome's Disease? Then here is an answer which will effectively manage the symptoms in a non chemical way using natural ingredients.

Not only is a healthy digestive system important to help you get the nutrients you need from food, but it also helps the body stay healthy. Maintaining a healthy digestive system can help us avoid the sporadic symptoms of intestinal discomfort and keep us enjoying overall health and wellness.

What are Probiotics and Why Do I Need Them?

Aging, dieting, stress, travel and certain medications can disrupt the natural balance of intestinal microflora in our digestive system. Probiotics are "friendly" bacteria that promote healthy digestive flora, to support healthy digestion. In fact, the word probiotic means "for life".

It has been suggested that Probiotics be used to treat problems in the stomach and intestines. But only certain types of bacteria or yeast (called strains) have been shown to work in the digestive tract. It still needs to be proven which Probiotics (alone or in combination) work to treat diseases. At this point, even the strains of Probiotics that have been proven to work for a specific disease are not widely available. This is a leverage point of Bowtrol Probiotic who have generated research and testimonials on the success of its product. How is it different?

Bowtrol Probiotic contains more than 5 times the active live cultures often found in yogurt, it contains 9 Billion live probiotic cells, and it does not contain the sugars or calories associated with yogurt. Bowtrol Probiotic unlike other Probiotics will survive stomach acid conditions to provide the healthy benefit to the intestines.

• Improved digestion, better elimination, less constipation, gas, bloating and indigestion
• A deeper understanding of how to take care of yourself with these new found skills

In most circumstances, people use Probiotics to prevent diarrhea caused by antibiotics. Antibiotics kill "good" (beneficial) bacteria along with the bacteria that cause illness. A decrease in beneficial bacteria may lead to diarrhea. Taking Probiotic supplements may help replace the lost beneficial bacteria and thus help prevent diarrhea.

The news about Probiotics is positive as provided by the recently published news items.

• Putting Good Bacteria to Work (New York Times)
Friendly bacteria, or probiotics, serve a host of biological functions important to the survival of the animal they populate. Some aid in digestion, some compete with less beneficial bacteria and keep them in check, some stimulate the immune system. And they may have other roles not yet known.

• Bacteria That Will Cure You? (CBS News)
Probiotics is the friendly bacteria that lives in harmony inside the intestines and helps to keep the body in balance. A lot of research has indicated the therapeutic benefit of Probiotics to reduce associated diarrhoea, promote regularity as well as overall health and well-being.

• Do Probiotics Really Work? (ABC)
The lesson of Probiotics, according to researchers, is that many people have become so clean and so sterile that they actually need to put some bacteria back inside

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I now weigh 44kg (97lbs) less, my diabetes has been eliminated, my marraige has improved. so I invite you to experience my success by visiting http://www.irritable-bowel-solutions.com

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Weight Loss With Alkaline Water?

What do you think? Let me know.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Probiotics for Colon Cleansing

Fermena is a Probiotic Supplement, over 50+ fruits and vegetables fermented over a 6 months time. Check out the Diamond Tree link to the right.

Below is a video about how probiotics can help you cleanse your colon especially if you are experiencing constipation.